who we are

Professional adult instructors, all background-checked and trained, who provide endless positive energy and fun in a safe, engaging and interactive environment

Online Adventure Camps at a Glance

For over 22 years, we have:

  • Served close to 1,000,000 campers ages 3 to 18
  • Worked with over 500 independent schools, colleges, and organizations
  • Hired and trained over 7,000 counselors and professional adult instructors
Interactive & Personal

Multiple instructors work in tandem to know each child during each camp, so all participating campers receive individual attention throughout the session. We promote an environment full of enrichment and attention, aiming to maintain a camper-to-instructor ratio of:

  • 6 to 1 ratio for campers under the age of 4
  • 8 to 1 ratio for campers between the ages of 5 and 9
  • 12 to 1 ratio for campers 10 years old and older
Over Two Decades of Camp Experience

Serving and trusted by global corporations, including:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Facebook
  • National Football League
  • The Ritz Carlton
  • Wounded Warrior Project
Camp Orientation

Parents & campers meet the counselors before camp starts

  • Pre-camp, we hold weekly Virtual Orientation meetings with parents & campers
  • Families learn about their camp counselor’s background & experience
  • Designed to build trust with families
  • Strengthen campers’ comfort level before the start of camp so we camp jump into the fun on Monday morning

our commitment to safety

At Online Adventure Camps, your child’s safety is our paramount concern

Highly-vetted Teachers

We hire the best teachers to ensure our camps are safe at all times:

  • We hire highly-vetted, professional, experienced teachers
  • All counselors are 100% background checked through the EBI Network
  • All counselors are fully trained in proper virtual conduct and online safety 
Full Monitoring

We have a dedicated quality assurance team to ensure our high standards.

  • Each camp session is monitored by a Regional Manager whose only job is to quality-monitor camp sessions for security, professionalism, content and fun
  • All camps are securely recorded to provide instructor feedback and analysis
  • Recordings are encrypted and deleted after they are viewed by Online Adventure Camps’ full-time team. They are NEVER shared publicly without permission. (See Terms & Conditions for more information.)
2+ Adults per session

For added supervision and safety, there are at least two counselors supervising each camp during all camp sessions. This commitment does not include regional managers and safety coordinators – those are above and beyond.

We ensure all campers enrolled in camp who adhere to our Code of Conduct may enjoy access to our platform.

Safety Supervisor

All Online Adventure Camps have a safety supervisor.

  • Although camp is virtual, we are prepared for any accident that may arise
  • We have a full & immediate communication system in place in case a camper has an accident, becomes scared, or demonstrates abnormal behavior
  • Online Adventure Camps’ HQ is on call in case of an emergency
  • We put safety first – always.

Online Summer Camps and Virtual Summer Camps are safe, reliable and enjoyable options for kids of all ages. Of course we all enjoy being outdoors with our fellow campers but, the number one goal is for everyone to be safe. Online Adventure Camp is not only safe, but it is highly engaging for kids of all ages. Our professional and interactive online summer camp counselors are fully background checked and trained to teach in the virtual summer camp environment. There is a reason why parents rank us #1 in the country. Moreover, hundreds of parents a week are registering their children for Online Adventure Camps. So, we cannot wait to see you and your camper(s) soon at Online Adventure Camps – the #1 virtual summer camp in the country for kids of all ages.