Online Kids’ Camps Questions to Ask Before Registering

Top 15 Online Kids Camps Questions to Ask Before Registering

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This is a list of the top online kids camps questions. Parents should ask these questions before registering for a Virtual Camp program. Online and virtual camps are new to both parents and campers, so ask questions. We strongly encourage you to do your research before investing in an online program. Especially since the entire camper experience hinges on the quality of the counselors and the safety of the program.

Top 15 Questions To Ask

  1. Do you conduct background checks for the counselors and instructors teaching online?
  2. Are your counselors adults or are they college and high school students?
  3. Has your company ever conducted camp programs online or virtually? What is your experience delivering online programming?
  4. What video platform do you use to conduct your online programs? How do you ensure online safety during all online and remote sessions?
  5. Are all of your camp programs delivered live? Are the counselors trained on how to conduct and supervise the camp session?
  6. Since campers should never be one-on-one with a counselor (in-person or online), what is your counselor to camper ratio? How many total campers will participate in each camp program?
  7. Does your camp have a safety moderator to oversee all online camp programs? Although camps are online, how will you manage online bullying or inappropriate behavior?
  8. Do parents have to supervise and support campers during camp activities? Or, can parents dedicate their time to working from home and be “on-call” in case there is an emergency, etc.
  9. How may I best prepare my child/ren before the start of the camp day? I wan to best prepare them, so they are self-sufficient once the camp period begins? How do you communicate with campers and parents so they may prepare for the camp period or camp session?
  10. What type of computer and/or smart devices will I need to ensure my camper can participate in all of your online programs?
  11. Technical Support. Do you offer technical support if we are having trouble accessing the online program? Do you offer weekend support so we can test our connection before the camp day begins?
  12. Virtual open houses. Do you have any? I want to learn more about your company and your counselors before I register for your camp?
  13. Interaction. Are your camp programs interactive and project/design-based? Or will my kids sit and watch a counselor speak to them throughout the program? Please explain what a typical period, session or camp week experience is like?
  14. This is brand new for my family. So what if I register my camper for camp and she does not enjoy the camp program? Will I receive a refund?
  15. Is there a certain philosophy your camp has determined? Why did you choose the days and times to offer your program?

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