frequently asked questions

In conjunction with our global network of professional instructors and our extensive online virtual learning platform, Online Adventure Camps is offering an alternative to on-location camp experiences. We bring the fun of a traditional summer camp through an instructor-led virtual camp, allowing students to engage and participate in unique, creative, enjoyable, and educational programs – all from the comfort of their own home via remote video-conferencing. Each camp program is led by an experienced professional Online Adventure Camps instructor.

Led by live Online Adventure Camp instructors, virtual camp offers audio, video, screenshare, chat, whiteboard, and integrated lessons/activities for campers to continue to learn and have fun.

Like a livestream event or a virtual meeting/video-conference with co-workers, our camps are a distance live summer program solution monitored and staffed in real time by adult instructors. These highly-vetted, well-trained, qualified instructors lead the camp programs from remote locations.

Instructors are always visible and have the ability to communicate with all attendees, one-on-one or to the group, throughout the duration of the virtual camp session. Campers may always see the instructor on the screen and communicate directly (verbally or visually) with the instructor or with the group at any time.

Online Adventure Camps offers a variety of virtually-led summer program options for children, pre-teens, and teens. 

Our lineup of virtual camp programs are not only for those with an interest in coding, gaming, or programming. We offer so much more! We offer a wide array of unique, hands-on activities for kids of every age and interest – from preschool to high school. 

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. When your child attends a virtual camp, they are in a fun, safe, and positive environment. Our company and family of instructors has spent over 22 years providing programs that exceed the expectations of children across the globe. We offer curriculum and lesson plans with a specific goal in mind, to further your child’s current passions and stimulate a curiosity for experimentation and learning.

Building on years of experience in providing traditional, in-person camps, we have offered virtual camp programs over the past few years at select locations with amazing results and extremely positive camper/parent reviews. This innovative option enables campers to enjoy the Online Adventure Camps experience from home, while participating in the social components that are so important in all camp programs.

Each camp also stresses the importance of playing outside, getting exercise, engaging in creative games and other non-screen exploration.

We source, hire and train with the same integrity and care that companies like Disney, Apple, Google, and EA follow. In other words, we only hire the best teachers. Each and every one of our instructors is hired for their ability to exude a fun, communicative, positive, supportive, and caring attitude.They are comprised of mainly adult teachers, with a sprinkle of top-performing college students who have chosen their major in the field of STEM-based activities and/or education. Moreover, they are all experts in their field of teaching. 

We take online safety very seriously. Online Adventure Camps offers professional instruction from talented teachers who have dedicated their career to teaching. All our instructors:

– Are meticulously background checked and reference checked

– Graduate from our proprietary 20+ hour Online Adventures Camp Training Program

– Adhere to the American Camp Association accredited guidelines

For added supervision and safety, there are at least two adult counselors supervising every camp session. In addition, a regional manager monitors camp sessions for safety, professionalism, content and fun. 

Our camps are easy to access with a Mac or PC, tablet or Chromebook. Only the Internet is needed; you can log in from anywhere.

All traditional Day Campers, ages 3 1/2-6, may access camp and participate with almost any computer or tablet.

Game development camp programs (Minecraft, Roblox, 2D Animation, 3D Design, Unity) require a computer with a mouse and keyboard, but 80% of the camps do not require a keyboard or mouse.

For some specialty camps (e.g. science, magic, etc.), camp kits will be delivered directly to campers in advance.

The weekend before camp starts, we host tech help sessions for families in need of technology assistance. We assist any campers enrolled in programming & game design courses to ensure computers and software are properly set up for the upcoming week. Our goal is to ensure that starting on Monday morning, the entire week is hassle free.

Yes! Pre-camp, we host weekly virtual orientation meetings with campers, parents, and counselors, so your child feels comfortable on Monday morning.

Camp programs are designed and tailored by grade and skill level. We are flexible. This means that campers may choose to join another program, should they find the curriculum overly complicated or too simple.

Absolutely! We believe that school is school, and camp is camp. More than ever, kids need the fun and joy summer camp provides – cool counselors, fun activities and new friendships.

Following each weekly program, parents will receive a summary description delivered to their email inbox, summarizing the curriculum, real-life applicability and highlights from camp.