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Pre-Dinner Mystery Club

Calling all kids 4 to 6 years old! 

Pre-Dinner Mystery Club aims to meet the needs of the whole family:
1) as an engaging and highly interactive social experience for children
2) as an extra helping hand for parents
Just because summer is over, it does not mean all of the camp fun and spirit has to come to an end!  Online Adventures (OAC) invites children ages 4 to 6 to continue the fun alongside their favorite camp counselors and characters. Pre-Dinner Mystery Club is designed to provide parents with some time to themselves: to finish work, to get that virtual yoga session in, or simply to prepare for household evening events! 
Along with their popular and recognizable camp friends, girls and boys may join Ozzie (our popular mascot), Ronnie Riddle and the whole OAC crew for afternoon games, songs, crafts and more!  And the fun doesn’t stop there…each session will offer something new and exciting from: Live Concerts, Science Experiments and Special Guests to Spirit Days, Scavenger Hunts and Birthday Parties! We can’t wait to see you soon!

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Pure Fun: Clubs & After School

We work with partner schools, small groups and organizations to offer a plethora of virtual clubs and after school programs. Our flexibility accommodates unpredictability and fluid scheduling throughout the school week. Based on the rave reviews we receive from parents, children and educators regarding our virtual summer programs, we are excited to continue to the learning and fun!

Offering Scheduled Public & Customized Private Programs: 

  • Roblox & Minecraft Programs
  • Sports Analytics & Broadcasting Programs
  • Pre-Dinner Art, Song, Dance Programs
  • Adventures In Engineering
  • Drone Adventures (using real drones)
  • Cooking

Tutoring & Support

Our top rated qualified adult tutors focus on positivity, self-confidence and self-esteem building. Each session is one-to-one and personalized to the specific subject and area of focus. We work with parents, home schools, partner schools, small groups and organizations to offer top-notch tutoring and support. Sessions are open to all students regardless if they are enrolled in a K-12 school or not. Whether your student needs extra one-to-one support to master a particular topic or simply wants to excel in a subject of interest, our experienced tutors employ effective teaching methods and expertise to match your child’s particular needs to help them meet their goals. 


Parties For All Occasions

Customize your child’s birthday or celebration with Online Adventure Counselors! Starting as young as 3 years old. 

Our virtual parties are full of fun, entertainment and plenty of surprises. OAC offers Magic Parties, Roblox/Minecraft Parties, Cooking Parties and even Music and Mascot Parties. You name it, we provide the fun. 

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